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Commercial Outdoor Lighting Designers in South Texas

Elite Lighting Designs in San Antonio, Austin and South Texas specializes in commercial outdoor lighting design services and color brand development for businesses looking to set themselves apart from the competition with color-specific LED systems that are sure to light up the night for all to see and recognize. Our commercial lighting designers and installers have many great years of experience and references to assist your company with a new or updated lighting design.

Light Your Company Buildings Through the Night

Color branding with LED lighting helps convey a strong message about your business, leaving a lasting impression with your customers, helping it become a memorable location, solidifying your reputation as a successful and exciting company that draws consumers and patrons from all over town day or night.

Growing businesses and organizations today focus on creating signature colors for branding as part of their goal to become instantly recognized and the professional commercial lighting teams at Elite Lighting Designs in San Antonio, Austin and South Texas know how to light the night and create a lasting impression that not only creates appeal but adds a touch of security and safety too.


Our team of commercial business lighting designers and installers offers years of expertise.
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120 Volt Commercial Lighting Services

When it comes to designing and installing 120 volt commercial architectural lighting for companies around San Antonio, Austin and South Texas, many businesses have began looking at lighting systems and components that combine with 120V and 12V lighting installations to provide reliable and cost effective lights. Our lighting installation teams know what it takes to keep our clients properties shining bright through the night and looking like an amazing landmark that gets noticed by anyone who visits or passes by in the night. Contact us today to learn how your 120V electrical system can be utilized for exterior lighting solutions.

Commercial Business Outdoor Lighting Projects