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Just after the completion of our home, Shawn designed the perfect lighting to enhance the exterior of our new home, and his professional crew did an outstanding installation. We have used Shawn’s knowledge and his talent for design for the past nine years as we have made changes to our landscape, and the projects always have exceeded our highest expectations. I highly recommend Elite Lighting, as I have done for many of my friends; all of whom have been extremely satisfied with this exceptional company.

New Home Owner, Elite Lighting Designs

I knew Elite Lighting was the best, but what they did for our home was absolutely amazing! Elite Lighting carefully reviewed our property and determined what design would best serve our needs, required the least amount of maintenance but still give us that spectacular ambiance for which they are known. They quickly and professionally transformed the best features of our home, landscape and magnificent trees with high quality, strategically placed lighting. The results are truly stunning!

Charlie, San Antonio Resident

Elite Lighting Design made our home beautiful at night. When we come home the lighting that Shawn designed for our home is not only beautiful, but a safety issue for us to be able to see our walkways and driveways at night. Elite’s team from start to finish are very professional, installed quickly and great pricing. Our home looks so wonderful. I would recommend Elite Lighting Design for all your lighting needs. Thanks you Shawn and team for a job well done.

Larry & Cathy, Austin Resident

Brent I love the lights and their effects lighting up the yard like daylight. It is so pretty outside and I am grateful that you lit up the sidealk so I won’t have to worry about falling as I step down to the street to my car. I didn’t know lighting could make such an artistic difference. I just think of the functionality. Ya’ll are artists! The beauty of the oak trees really stands out at night now! Thank you so very much.

M, Outdoor Lighting

Shawn, I have to say I was very impressed with your guys yesterday! Great job. I will spread the word with family and friends for future holiday lights as well! Thank you. What an immense difference from my last experiences…. Thank you.

Jeff de Rojas, Holiday Lights


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